Papa Goose -

Quick Thoughts: British fare with a modern twist? Papa Goose more than delivers the goods with some creatively reimagined British classics. Their desserts in particular, were a stand out along with their vegetable starter which featured a smoked tomato and immaculately seasoned everything else. Sitting comfortably in the fine dining range, it’s definitely worth visiting when you’ve got an inkling for some serious British food.

Rating: Would Go Back 

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Aka Siro

Quick Thoughts: More than anything else, Aka Siro reminds me of home. The food is very traditional Japanese homestyle cooking that consists of simple and subtle flavours.  A very good thing that’s missing within the Melbourne restaurant scene, and unfortunately, I feel, may ultimately fly over the general public’s head who’s looking for the generic (I guess by now…) sushi and ramen. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be really like to be offered homely Japanese hospitality, then this is as close as it gets.

Rating: Would Go Back.

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Industry Beans  -

Quick thoughts: Overall, Industry Beans delivers the goods, set in a refitted shipping container and paired alongside an American influenced seasonal menu, there’s a lot to like. However, there just seems to be something missing, something holding itself back from the next level.  I’d almost put the onus on the menu, which isn’t bad by any means, but I feel like some of the American flavours don’t quite work as well fused beside the typical Melbournian brunch. I’m glad they’re trying to be different though, maybe a revisit should be in order for a convincing verdict.

Rating: Would Go Back

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Nama Nama -

Quick Thoughts: It comes with a bit of sadness to say that this cute little diner is about to close its doors (mid-August, so about…now). So make sure to try and get in while you can for carefully prepared japanese delights from sashimi to fresh clam udon. You’ll be missed Nama Nama, but I can’t wait to see what’s behind the curtain at Kappo when it opens up a few weeks later. Kampai!

Rating: Would go back.

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Masak Masak -

Quick Thoughts: I guess you could call it an ‘upper class’ Malaysian restaurant in the class of Sydney and Melbourne CBD darling, Mamak. Prices seem a little steep, however it is all designed to be shared, so make sure you go with like-minded people!

Their dishes are tasty and full of the usual Malaysian delights, along with a charcoal grill dishing out yummy skewered delights, and a team who have skillfully managed to steer clear of stamping over tradition with some of their more creative dishes.

Would I choose it over Mamak? Yes, but there’s also less waiting and a great $10 lunch special.  However my allegiances still ultimately lie with Straights Cafe for that traditional Malaysian hit. 

Rating: Would Go back

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